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Welcome to Transmission Zero. I use this site to publish technology related articles I write in my spare time. My motivation for writing these articles is either because the internet lacks a source of information on a particular topic, or because the sources of information I found were highly inaccurate or outdated. My main interests are in dance music (House, Drum ’n’ Bass, Trance, and Breakbeat), reception of radio stations from far away towns and countries, programming (mostly x86 assembly, C / C++, C#, and Java), and internet technology.

News and updates for this site can be found in the news section, or alternatively you can follow the latest happenings on the site by visiting the Facebook page and “liking” it.


If you find an article on this site useful or interesting, then I encourage you to use the “share” buttons found at the end of articles, or place links to Transmission Zero on your web site. Likewise, if you know of (or have published) a related article which you think would be useful to other people, then please send me an email with the details.


Unless otherwise stated, the material on this site is copyright of Martin Payne. If you’d like to take quotes from any of the articles, then feel free to do so, but please remember to cite Transmission Zero as the source. That way, your visitors can check here for updates or amendments. There is nothing worse than an article which gets re-quoted so many times, that you can’t work out which article is the original.

The web site design is based on Florian Hacquebart’s “Flexit” template, which I have modified to fit the needs of this site.