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London’s AM Radio Stations


Although AM radio is considered to be of inferior quality to that offered by FM radio, DAB, and the internet, the LW and MW radio bands are still full of radio stations. The low bandwidth requirements combined with the unique propagation characteristics of LW and MW mean that stations running relatively low powered transmitters can reach far outside of their intended target areas. In the case of LW radio, a single high powered transmitter will easily cover a whole country, and even a modest part of a continent!

This page details UK AM radio stations (Long Wave and Medium Wave) which are either based in London, or can be received in London.

London AM Radio Stations

These are the AM radio station which are either operating from London, or include London as part of their target area. You should find that almost all of these stations offer good quality reception in London at any time of the day or night. Many of them, particularly the higher powered stations are receivable across the whole of the South East, and may even be receivable outside of the UK, particularly at night time.

List of AM radio stations in London.
Frequency Name Target Area
198 BBC Radio 4 (LW Programme) UK
558 Spectrum Radio London
720 BBC Radio 4 (LW Programme) London
909 BBC Radio 5 Live London & South East
963 Buzz Asia East London
972 Buzz Asia West London
1035 Kismat Radio London
1089 Talk Sport London & South East
1152 LBC News 1152 London
1215 Absolute Radio London & South East
1305 Premier Christian Radio North London
1305 Premier Christian Radio South London
1332 Premier Christian Radio Central London
1413 Premier Christian Radio South East London
1413 Premier Christian Radio West London
1458 Sunrise London
1503 Betar Bangla East London
1548 Gold London
1584 London Turkish East London
1602 Desi Radio West London

Other AM Radio Stations Receivable In London

These stations do not include London in their target service area, however they are still receivable in London during the day time. Due to the way that MW signals travel so well across the Earth’s surface, you’ll find that reception of most of these stations is not particularly dependent on your location. Reception does depend somewhat on the sensitivity and selectivity of your receiver, and can be dramatically impaired by man made noise from electronic equipment such as TVs and power supplies. Due to skywave propagation, you may find that some of these stations are not receivable at night time due to interference from high powered continental transmitters. For the same reason, you may find that additional UK radio stations which operate on clear frequencies are audible at night time.

List of non-London AM radio stations which can be received in London.
Frequency Name Target Area
603 Gold East Kent
630 BBC Three Counties Radio Buckinghamshire
693 BBC Radio 5 Live (various)
657 BBC Radio Wales Wrexham
729 BBC Essex North Essex
738 BBC Hereford and Worcester Worcester
765 BBC Essex West Essex
774 BBC Radio Kent East Kent
792 Gold Bedfordshire
828 Gold Buckinghamshire
837 BBC Asian Network Leicestershire
855 BBC Radio Norfolk East Norfolk
873 BBC Radio Norfolk West Norfolk
882 BBC Radio Wales Wales
945 Gold East Sussex
999 BBC Radio Solent East Solent
1026 BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire
1053 Talk Sport (various)
1107 Talk Sport East Kent & West Sussex
1161 BBC Three Counties Radio Bedfordshire
1161 BBC Sussex East Sussex
1170 Gold Suffolk
1170 Gold Hampshire
1197 Absolute Radio (various)
1233 Absolute Radio North Essex
1242 Gold West Kent
1260 Absolute Radio (various)
1323 Gold West Sussex
1359 Gold West Essex
1368 BBC Surrey Surrey
1431 Gold East Essex
1485 BBC Sussex West Sussex
1530 BBC Essex East Essex
1557 Gold Northampton
1557 Gold Southampton
1566 Eagle Extra Guildford
1602 BBC Radio Kent East Kent

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