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London’s DAB Radio Stations


There are over 60 DAB radio stations available in London. Some of these are digital broadcasts of local and national radio stations which are available via AM and FM radio, but there are also a large number of additional stations which aren’t available on analogue. This page contains a list of all the radio stations currently available on DAB in London.

London DAB Radio Stations

These are the DAB radio stations which can be received in London. The national multiplexes should be receivable over much of the UK, whereas the London multiplexes probably won't be receivable too far outside of London. Depending on your location, antenna, and atmospheric conditions, you may also be able to receive DAB stations from the home counties on channels 11C and 12D. All broadcasts are MP2 encoded.

List of DAB radio stations in London.
Multiplex Name Bitrate Display Name
BBC National DAB BBC Asian Network 64 kbps mono BBC AsianNetwork
BBC National DAB BBC Radio 1 128 kbps joint stereo BBC Radio 1
BBC National DAB BBC Radio 1Xtra 128 kbps joint stereo BBC Radio 1Xtra
BBC National DAB BBC Radio 2 128 kbps joint stereo BBC Radio 2
BBC National DAB BBC Radio 3 192 kbps stereo or 160 kpbs joint stereo BBC Radio 3
BBC National DAB BBC Radio 4 80 kbps mono BBC Radio 4
BBC National DAB BBC Radio 4 Extra 80 kbps mono BBC Radio 4Extra
BBC National DAB BBC Radio 5 Live 64 kbps mono BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC National DAB BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra* 64 kbps mono BBC R5LiveSportX
BBC National DAB BBC Radio 6 Music 128 kbps joint stereo BBC Radio 6Music
BBC National DAB BBC World Service 64 kbps mono BBC WorldService
D1 National Absolute 80s 64 kbps mono Absolute R 80s
D1 National Absolute Radio 112 kbps joint stereo Absolute Radio
D1 National Absolute Radio 90s 64 kbps mono Absolute Rad 90s
D1 National BFBS Radio 80 kbps mono BFBS Radio
D1 National Classic FM 128 kbps joint stereo Classic FM
D1 National Jazz FM 64 kbps mono Jazz FM
D1 National Kiss 80 kbps mono KISS
D1 National Planet Rock 80 kbps mono Planet Rock
D1 National Premier Christian Radio 64 kbps mono PremierChristian
D1 National Smooth Radio 80 kbps mono Smooth Radio UK
D1 National Talksport 64 kbps mono talkSPORT
D1 National Team Rock 80 kbps mono TeamRock
D1 National UCB UK 64 kbps mono UCB UK Christian
London 1 Capital FM 128 kbps joint stereo Capital
London 1 Capital XTRA 128 kbps joint stereo Capital XTRA
London 1 Heart 128 kbps joint stereo Heart
London 1 Heat Radio 80 kbps mono heat radio
London 1 Kerrang! Radio 80 kbps mono Kerrang!
London 1 Kiss 128 kbps joint stereo KISS
London 1 LBC 97.3 80 kbps mono LBC 97.3
London 1 LBC News 1152 48 kbps mono LBC News 1152
London 1 Magic 128 kbps joint stereo MAGIC
London 1 Sunrise Radio 128 kbps joint stereo Sunrise Radio
London 1 The Hits Radio 80 kbps mono The Hits
London 2 Absolute Radio 00s 64 kbps mono Absolute Rad 00s
London 2 Absolute Radio 70s 64 kbps mono Absolute Rad 70s
London 2 Amazing Radio 64 kbps mono Amazing Radio
London 2 BBC London 94.9 128 kbps joint stereo BBC London
London 2 French Radio London 64 kbps mono French Radio Ldn
London 2 Gold 112 kbps joint stereo Gold - London
London 2 Sout Al Khaleej 64 kbps mono Sout Al Khaleej
London 2 Spectrum Radio 64 kbps mono Spectrum Radio
London 2 UCB Inspirational 64 kbps mono UCBInspirational
London 2 Voice of Russia 56 kbps mono Voice of Russia
London 2 XFM 112 kbps joint stereo XFM
London 3 Absolute Classic Rock 64 kbps mono Absolute C Rock
London 3 Absolute Radio 60s 64 kbps mono Absolute Rad 60s
London 3 Chill 64 kbps mono Chill
London 3 Colourful Radio 64 kbps mono Colourful
London 3 Desi Radio 64 kbps mono Desi Radio
London 3 Fun Kids* 80 kbps mono Fun Kids
London 3 Gaydio 128 kbps joint stereo Gaydio
London 3 IBC Tamil 64 kbps mono IBC Tamil
London 3 Kismat Radio 80 kbps mono Kismat Radio
London 3 Panjab Radio 64 kbps mono Panjab Radio
London 3 Polish Radio London 96 kbps mono Polish Radio Ldn
London 3 Premier Gospel Radio 80 kbps mono Premier Gospel
London 3 Rainbow Radio 64 kbps mono Rainbow Radio
London 3 The Arrow 96 kbps mono The Arrow - Rock
London 3 The Wireless 64 kbps mono The Wireless

*These stations do not broadcast 24 hours a day.

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