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London’s Former Pirate Radio Stations


I’ve you’ve been following the FM pirate radio scene in London for a few years, you’ll know that there are stations which have been around since the beginning of time, and stations which are here today and gone tomorrow. This page attempts to document all of the pirate radio stations which once operated in London, but have since closed down. Stations covered here operated between the 1990s and the present date.

For stations which are currently active, you can find details in the current pirate radio stations article.

Former Pirate Radio Stations

The stations in this list are considered to have closed down, either because I have positive confirmation that they have closed, or because they have not been logged for a very long time.

List of former FM pirate radio stations in London
Frequency Name Format RDS
87.5 Dubwise FM Dubstep, Drum ’n’ Bass (scrolling + RT)
87.5 Bashment FM Bashment, Hip-Hop, RnB, Soul
87.5 Funky FM (Essex & Kent) Drum ’n’ Bass, Dubstep, House, Trance
87.5 Makora Radio Religious
87.5 Mystery FM (East Anglia)
87.5 Platinum RnB, UK Garage (scrolling + RT)
87.5 Sub Zero FM (Buckinghamshire & surroundings) Drum ’n’ Bass, House, UK Garage
87.5 UK’s Finest (Buckinghamshire & surroundings) Drum ’n’ Bass, House, UK Garage
87.6 Flava Hip-Hop, UK Garage (scrolling)
87.6 Unity Radio Electro, House, UK Garage (scrolling + rt)
87.7 Dimension FM Drum ’n’ Bass, Old Skool, UK Garage
87.7 (stereo) SOTS (Oxfordshire & Berkshire) House (scrolling)
87.8 Fatal FM FATAL FM
87.8 (stereo) Impact (Surrey & Sussex) UK Garage IMPACTUK
87.9 Energy FM Gabba, Hardcore, Industrial, Speedcore, Techno
88.3 Majestic Radio Reggae
88.4 Centerforce
88.4 Ice FM House, UK Garage
88.4 Resist FM (Essex & Kent)
88.6 D-Vine FM UK Garage (scrolling)
88.6 Premier FM Hard House (scrolling)
89.4 London Underground UK Garage LONDON-U
89.4 Sweet FM Hip-Hop, House, RnB
89.4 Unknown FM House UNKNOWN
89.6 Touchdown FM UK Garage (scrolling)
89.6 UK Obsession UK Garage (scrolling + RT)
89.6 UK Sexy Electro, Electro-House, House (scrolling)
90.1 Rude Bass FM (Essex & Kent)
90.6 (stereo) Fresh Drum ’n’ Bass, Funk, House, Soul, Trance, UK Garage (scrolling)
90.6 Mix Vibes Radio
90.6 Y2K Bashment, House, UK Garage
90.8 Charge FM Drum ’n’ Bass, UK Garage
91.6 Innocence FM (Essex & Kent)
91.7 Charm FM (Essex) Drum ’n’ Bass, House, UK Garage
91.8 Soundz Radio UK (Essex & Kent) House, UK Garage S.R.U.K
92.0 Edge FM UK Garage
92.0 Power Jam Reggae
92.0 Pulse FM UK Garage
92.0 Scream London Drum ’n’ Bass
92.3 Weekend Rush Hardcore
92.4 Deja Vu FM Hip-Hop, House, UK Garage DEJAVUFM
92.5 Elite FM UK Garage
92.7 Freeze FM Hip-Hop, House, RnB, UK Garage (scrolling + RT)
92.7 Garage FM UK Garage
92.7 Mac FM UK Garage MAC FM
92.8 Atmosphere FM
92.8 Energy Gospel, Hip-Hop, House
92.8 Future FM House, RnB, UK Garage (scrolling)
92.8 Hype Radio Hip-Hop, House, RnB (scrolling + RT)
92.8 Klash FM (Essex & Kent) Breakbeat, House, UK Garage (scrolling)
92.9 Dice FM Hip-Hop, House, UK Garage
92.9 Klimaxx Jungle, Reggae
92.9 Lynx FM Soca
92.9 Pure Love Live Hip-Hop, House, UK Garage (scrolling + RT)
93.0 Breeze Funk, Soul BREEZE (+ RT)
93.0 Fresh 93 UK Garage FRESH_93 (animated)
93.0 Mint FM (merged into MintVybe) House
93.0 Spotlight Radio RnB, Soul
93.0 Soul Radio UK Soul SOULUK93 (+ RT)
94.0 Pure FM UK Garage
94.0 Silk Room FM UK Garage
94.0 Touch FM House, UK Garage TOUCH'94
94.2 (stereo) TSOL RnB, Soul (scrolling)
94.3 Soundz FM Drum ’n’ Bass, Hardcore, House, UK Garage SOUNDZ
94.4 Tempo Radio Soca TEMPO FM
94.7 Rude Bass FM (Essex & Kent)
95.3 (stereo) Storm FM Electro, Electro-House, House, Reggae, RnB, Soul, UK Garage STORM (+ RT)
95.3 Naspa Radio UK Ghanaian
95.5 Entice FM Drum ’n’ Bass
95.6 Climax Acid House, Garage, House, Techno
96.1 Dance UK UK Garage DANCE UK
96.1 Supreme FM UK Garage
96.1 Upfront FM House, UK Garage
96.5 Flirt FM UK Garage
96.5 Love FM House, UK Garage LOVE FM
96.6 Heat FM
96.6 Riddim FM RIDDIM (+ RT)
96.6 Sharpbeat (scrolling)
96.7 Pressure Radio (Middlesex & South London) Drum ’n’ Bass, UK Funky, UK Garage
96.8 Evolution UK
97.1 NRG Live
97.8 The Original 978 Drum ’n’ Bass
97.9 Bassline Hip-Hop, Reggae, RnB
97.9 Passion Live House (scrolling + RT)
98.1 Fantasy FM Acid, Hardcore, Rave
98.2 (stereo) R House FM House
99.1 Touch FM House TOUCH FM
99.3 9nine3 UK Garage
99.3 Flashback FM UK Garage (scrolling)
99.3 Taste FM UK Garage
99.3 Upfront FM (relaunched on 96.1) House, UK Garage
99.5 MintVybe FM House
99.5 Vybe FM (merged into MintVybe) Drum ’n’ Bass, House (scrolling)
99.7 Soul Train Soul
99.7 UK Pleasure Live! (Essex & Kent) House PLEASURE
100.2 True FM House, UK Garage
100.3 Kore FM Hardcore, House, Techno
100.4 Rinse FM (now community licensed on 106.8) Breakbeat, Dubstep, Grime, Hip-Hop, House, UK Garage
101.2 Xtreme FM (Essex) XTREME
101.3 Erotic FM House, UK Garage EROTIC
101.3 Eruption Drum ’n’ Bass, Happy Hardcore
101.3 Industry FM Drum ’n’ Bass (scrolling)
101.5 Flight FM Drum ’n’ Bass, Hardcore, UK Garage
101.5 Temptation Drum ’n’ Bass, House, UK Garage
101.7 Frontline FM Drum ’n’ Bass, Hardcore, House, UK Garage
101.7 Fusion FM Drum ’n’ Bass, Dubstep, Happy Hardcore, Hip-Hop, House, RnB, UK Garage, Trance FUSION
101.7 Ice Cold FM Breakbeat Hardcore, Drum ’n’ Bass, House, UK Garage
101.7 Laylow Drum ’n’ Bass, Grime, House, UK Garage
101.7 X-Treme FM UK Garage
101.8 Freek FM UK Garage
102.0 Chillin’ Funk, House, Soul, UK Garage (scrolling)
102.0 Smoove FM House, UK Garage SMOOVE
102.4 London’s Wax Drum ’n’ Bass (scrolling)
102.5 Juice Hip-Hop, Reggae, RnB
102.5 Phaze One
102.7 R&B Radio RnB
102.8 Urban Love Radio Bashment, Hip-Hop, Reggae, RnB (scrolling)
103.0 Delight FM UK Garage DELIGHT
103.0 Image Radio House, UK Garage (scrolling + RT)
103.0 London’s Most Wanted
103.5 U.J.R. FM Deep House, Funk, Jazz, Soul URBNJAZZ
103.6 Dost FM Turkish
103.6 RawFlex Hip-Hop, House, RnB, UK Garage
103.7 (stereo) Doot FM Funk, Jazz DOOT.FM
103.8 (stereo) Blues UK Radio Reggae BLUES FM
103.8 N Power N-POWER
104.0 Kasaba FM Reggae
104.0 Pure FM Drum ’n’ Bass
104.2 Don FM DON FM
104.2 Real FM Grime, House, UK Garage
104.3 (stereo) Logic FM UK Garage -LOGIC-
104.3 Ruud Awakening FM Drum ’n’ Bass
104.5 Cruise FM Soul
104.6 Time FM UK Garage
104.7 Hightz Live Drum ’n’ Bass, House, UK Garage
104.7 Sub Jam UK Garage
105.15 Itch FM Hip-Hop
105.2 Alliance FM Hip-Hop
105.2 House Wave Radio House
106.0 Dance FM House, UK Garage
106.0 Power Radio Ghanaian
106.4 On Point Radio
106.5 Force FM (London, Essex & Kent) Drum ’n’ Bass, House, UK Garage
106.5 Hyper FM Drum ’n’ Bass, Gabba
106.5 Twist FM Drum ’n’ Bass
107.3 Attitude FM Reggae
107.3 London Soundz Drum ’n’ Bass, UK Garage
107.6 Dream Hardcore
107.6 Jamming FM Drum ’n’ Bass, Happy Hardcore
107.6 Lush FM Hip-Hop, Old Skool, Techno, UK Garage LUSH1076
107.7 Afrique
107.7 Bless FM Gospel BLESS ME
107.7 Pure Magic RnB PURE MGC
107.7 Push FM House
107.9 Raw FM 107.9 Breakbeat, Drum ’n’ Bass, House, Jungle, Old Skool
108.0 Pulse London Drum ’n’ Bass, Grime, House, UK Garage (scrolling + RT)

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